Our Next event!

We were able to rise over $3,300 dollars!!

Qunify grew out of the need for a community organization whose primary focus was to create and make new spaces for all LGBTQ+ people to feel safe, comfortable, and visible. Our goals for this upcoming year are to ensure that Qunify is a sustainable organization; continue to improve the economic and physical accessibility of events; expand our scope to reach LGBTQ+ people of all generations; and properly compensate more LGBTQ+ labor.

Money donated to Qunify will help:
đź’śCompensate LGBTQ+ performers, artists, speakers, creators, etc.
đź’śPurchase equipment to make more spaces physically accessible to differently abled members of our community
đź’śImprove our social reach to introduce more folks to our community
đź’śMake physically accessible venues financially obtainable
đź’śIncrease our ability to host economically accessible events
đź’śCover operating costs that make our mission possible

Please Donate so we can make this a sustainable reality