We are an LGBTQ+ social community.


We organize events to gather LGBTQ+ people to foster personal connection, group community, and city partnership.


We make additional spaces and experiences open for all LGBTQ+ people to feel safe, comfortable, and visible.


We strive to achieve a world that welcomes, embraces, and supports all LGBTQ+ people.


Community Oriented – We focus on reaching out to all LGBTQ+ people to provide a space where they feel welcomed and included.

Intentional – We recognize the importance of building bridges across the city to identify and produce new spaces and new experiences.

Open – We carry ourselves, and our work, knowing that being accessible requires care in our actions, thought in how we treat others, and attention to how we connect people to each other.


Fam – We consciously treat each other like the chosen family we are. We give each other the benefit of doubt and assume good intention. We are respectful and reflective in our communication to ensure we act with civility and recognize the dignity of each other.

Woke – We are intentionally aware and work to build our cultural competencies by listening to others experiences, being open to being wrong, and holding ourselves accountable.

Positive Impact – We take care to improve the spaces around us by taking ownership for our own actions and approaching tasks with professionalism and a solution-oriented mindset.